Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream

Reviewed by Linda on July 10, 2015

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I am 58 years old and have been on a search for the perfect miracle eye cream for the last decade. I have remnants of a dozen jars and tubes of eye creams/lotions/serums that I’ve tried and which failed to impress me enough to stop my search. My skin has always been very oily and although I now have the occasional dry patch, it remains mostly oily which has been helpful in keeping my skin fairly youthful looking. My one complaint is slightly saggy skin on my eyelids and jawline. The perfect eye cream for me would be one that would erase any lines and also would tighten my eyelid area.

When Truth In Aging asked me to give Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream ($35 in the shop) a try, I jumped at the opportunity. Bee Venom…hmmmm…when it is injected into you via an actual bee sting it certainly gives you a noticeable reaction. So maybe when it is gently patted into your delicate eye area, it will also give a noticeable reaction. Bee venom has an active compound in it called melittin and it does have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In some circles, bee venom is considered “nature’s botox” because it is anaphylactic which could theoretically tighten facial/eye muscles. By the way, bees are not harmed in any way when their venom is extracted for cosmetic use. That’s important to know since bees are a critical connection to our food supply!

The Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream is rich and velvety in texture. When patted on the eyelids and under-eye area, it soaks in nicely leaving the delicate skin well-hydrated. Any lines (I don’t have a lot of lines around my eyes) disappeared and my eye shadow smoothed on easily afterward. There were no negative side-effects at all. However, I did not notice any perceptible tightening of the eyelid area which was disappointing.

In short, a wonderful hydrating eye cream but for me, not the miracle eyelid tightening potion I was hoping for.