sciote illume brightening creme

Reviewed by Gunilla on February 11, 2015


When asked if I wanted to try the Sciote Illume Brightening Crème ($85 in the shop), I answered “yes” with no hesitation, since I had previously found Sciote’s Firming Eye Crème to be a very nice acquaintance.

This product comes in a very simple, 100% recyclable and airless package. The product itself is white, neither thick nor thin, almost fragrance-free and feels good on the skin. It absorbs easily with no greasiness or residue and is recommended for all skin types.

According to Sciote, this crème is “a highly effective hydration formulation designed to lighten hyperpigmentation, fade sun spots, and restore brilliance and clarity to drab and tired skin.” The key ingredients are aloe vera (improves hydration and soothes skin), 5% glycolic acid (used to improve the skin's appearance and texture) and 3% kojic acid (used to lighten skin), all of which are recognized and used in the serious skin care business.

This crème should be applied in the evening only, so I have diligently applied it every evening for the past four or five weeks after cleansing but prior to my night-time moisturizer. The directions further stae “use for 2-3 months, then take one month off,” which is a common directive for products containing AHAs. It seems the skin can otherwise build up resistance to the acids, but with a long enough of a rest-period you “fool” the skin.

Given the ingredients, I expected a visually noticeable brightening of my recently-turned-60 skin, and I wouldn’t say no to a little more in the clarity department, either!

Did I get what I expected, then? Well, I honestly think that one month is too little time to evaluate this product justly, but since that’s the time frame, so be it. The answer then, is no, not really. However, I can see embryos to success in that the pores seem to be shrinking and a slight fading of my few sunspots, so I will continue with the remainder of the cream in the hopes that it will deliver given more time and give an update if I notice any progress. Speaking of remainder, I would estimate that one bottle lasts for 10-12 weeks (i.e., the prescribed usage time).