five best for hyperpigmentation

Whether it's age spots, sun spots, melasma, dark spots or even some freckles, fading hyperpigmentation can be quite the challenge, requiring a proper regimen and the right ingredients — one in particular is patience. Discoloration takes time to form and build over skin, so it's expected that it can take some time to reverse. With that said, there are a number of formulas that work to help improve and fade hyperpigmentation (many with the added bonuses of repairing fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin hydrated and providing skin with nourishing antioxidants). My Five Best for Hyperpigmentation Spots for 2015 features some cult favorites as well as some newcomers whose formulas are nothing short of spot on.

  • La Vie Celeste Eclairage

    Not only does La Vie Celeste Eclairage ($98.50 in the shop) use natural skin brighteners such as alpha arbutin, lilac leaf cell culture extract, licorice and B-white, but it also includes the line’s signature peptide ChroNoline and aids in firming skin. There is nothing harsh or nasty in this formula, and it is one of the best alternatives for a completely pure skin brightener.

  • Sciote Illume Brightening Serum

    Sciote Illume Brightening Serum ($95 in the shop) uses a bouquet of natural ingredients with leading skin brighteners kojic acid and glycolic acid to reduce hyperpigmentation, while also leaving skin more youthful, hydrated and even-toned. Truth In Aging Contributor, Francine, found the Illume Brightening Serum faded her spots allowing her to go makeup-free. "My initial hope was to lighten my dark spots. It has delivered so much more."

  • Sweetsation Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Brightening

    Sweetsation Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Brightening ($36 in the shop) includes a powerful triad of dark spot faders, including vitamin C, kojic acid and alpha arbutin, which collectively work to diminish dark spots. Our contributor, Naheed, saw the fading of dark patches as early as two weeks into her trial.

  • Medik8 White Balance Click

    In addition to containing powerful skin whitener kojic acid, which acts as a melanin inhibitor, Medik8 White Balance Click ($80 in the shop) also uses a unique packaging that ensures the acid retains its potency. Though kojic acid is the star of the show, White Balance Click has a powerful supporting cast of alpha-arbutin, niacinamide, Sepiwhite, l-lactic acid, linoleic acid, l-leucine, and n-acetyl glucosamine, which work together to target the different mechanisms that result in skin discoloration.

  • Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Cream

    Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Cream ($68 in the shop) delivers a multi-tasking formula that not only effectively fades age spots thanks to willow bark and licorice, but also hydrates, reduces blemishes, minimizes wrinkles, evens skin tone and closes pores. Without a single nasty ingredient, the botanical-filled formula has been a TIA cult favorite for years now and continues to exceed the expectations of its users.