sciote illume brightening serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Francine on March 3, 2014


I was not familiar with Sciote Skin Care when I began using Sciote Illume Brightening Serum ($95 in the shop) in early December. I have tried many products to lighten or eliminate two dark spots from sun damage with very modest or no success. If Sciote worked on this stubborn problem, I would be thrilled. I was hoping I might begin to see some results within one month. I was truly amazed to notice a difference in how my skin looked in just one week.  At the end of one month I am a true believer.  My skin tone is more even, noticeably lighter.  At 60 years, I never thought I would say a product has given me a younger looking complexion, but I believe Sciote Illume Brightening Serum has done just that.

Best of all is the effect the serum has had on my dark spots. After years of using foundation and concealer to minimize them, I find I no longer need a concealer!  With just a light foundation the dark spots are not at all visible.  With zero makeup one spot is imperceptible and the darker, more troublesome spot is barely noticeable.

When applied, the clear serum is silky smooth with a non-greasy feel. It is not heavy on your skin. I feel a very slight tightness, but even the lightest application of moisturizer and you’re good to go. I detect no scent to this product. It is a blend of natural and certified organic ingredients, no harmful chemicals. Its key ingredients are kojic acid, which Sciote informs us is known as “The Medicine of Eternal Life,” used to inhibit melanin, glycolic acid for fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation and salicylic acid for cell turnover and acne treatment. 

It should be noted that this is not a product you can add to your daily regime indefinitely. Sciote advises contact with skin must be of limited duration and frequency and recommends use of the product for 2-3 months, then off for 1 month. I have very dry and very sensitive skin and have no reservations about using this product. I will be watching to see if and how quickly those pesky dark spots return when I stop the serum after 2 months. It does not come in a see-through container, so I cannot say how much of it’s 1oz contents are left after one month of using two pumps per day.

My initial hope was to lighten my dark spots. It has delivered so much more. When four people in a two week period went out of their way to say how healthy and great I looked, I knew I had a keeper.