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Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion

Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion

Size: 3.0 oz (90 ml)

Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion has been designed by a team of doctors to be intensely soothing, protective and reparative. With a featured ingredient derived from the milk thistle plant, this cream was originally designed to calm and restore the skin of cancer patients whose skin was suffering from radiation treatments, but it's equally effective for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing rosacea flare-ups. This impressive active, silibinin, is also known to naturally protect skin from the harming effects of sun exposure. Difinsa53 speedily calmed a bout of rosacea on Marta's chin, and also significantly reduced her stubborn lip lines; we're sure that you'll find it equally effective.

Difinsa53 works brilliantly as a protective moisturizer and cream with silibinin working triple-duty soothing skin, protecting from UV exposure and fighting free radicals. Additionally, aloe, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid offer nourishment and moisture as a small amount of dimethicone acts as a breathable silicone barrier to shield skin from the elements. This formula is non-greasy, fast-absorbing and hypoallergenic with a light, pleasant aroma.

Tested for 30 days and reviewed by Marta:
Have you ever wondered why more elephants don’t die from cancer? Probably not, but its worth thinking about because there is an intriguing answer, which I came across while testing a very unusual cream called Difinsa53.

Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion is built around an active ingredient called silibinin and was originally created to bring comfort and repair to the skin of cancer patients that had been blasted by radiation. The makers then had the thought that silibinin, derived from the milk thistle plant (and one of my favorite ingredients), had anti-aging potential and sent it my way. After testing Difinsa53 for a month, I am knocked out by its curative powers, as well as its impact on fine lines and wrinkles.

But more of this later. First I want to go back to the Difinsa53 story, starting with the elephants. So, as it happens, very few (less than 5%) elephants die from cancer and curious scientists eventually discovered that there is a gene called P53, which has a protein that is a cancer preventer. Humans have two copies of this gene. Elephants have over 40. If P53 detects a cancer cell, it goes out for the kill. Or in medical parlance it brings about apoptosis — cell death. Overall, it turns out to be a better strategy for survival than trying to save the cell.

Scientists put the elephant P53 in breast cancer cells in a petri dish and trumpeted that human clinical trials were just a few years away. This could be a little optimistic since transferring elephant genes to humans is bound to present a few hurdles. However, there is another option — activate the P53 we already have. And this is what silibinin does. Furthermore, it has been found that silibinin treatment prior to UVB exposure triggers sensors for UVB-induced DNA damage and signals DNA repair.

Silibilin (silymarin) is a compound in milk thistle. It can strengthen cell walls, stimulate enzymes that make toxins less harmful to the body, as well as block free radicals — responsible for signs of aging — from attacking cells, according to the National Cancer Institute. Studies have also shown that it helps rosacea and other skin ailments. I like this ingredient so much that I added it to the Truth Vitality Treatment Gel.

One of the impressive things about silibilin is its sun protection ability. Studies on mice looked at the formation of sunburn and apoptotic cells, skin edema, as well as other factors and found that the application of silymarin resulted in “statistically significant inhibition in UVB-caused sunburn and apoptotic cell formation, skin edema, depletion of catalase activity, (study by Santosh K. Katiyar et al).

The problem is, though, that humans metabolize silibinin very quickly (compared to mice). This led Dr Michael Glodé (a professor of medical oncology at the University of Colorado) and his team to look at topical use. Now topical silibilin is harder to achieve than it sounds. It won’t dissolve in water or oil and needs to be at a neutral pH to penetrate the skin. The team solved all this with a patent-pending solution and set about trying to create a sunscreen. Along the way, one of the team members, Dr Gail Harrison, developed breast cancer and discovered that the prototype sunscreen was helpful for her radiation burned skin. And so Difinsa53 was born.

When I first got my tube to test, I was initially surprised to see a silicone (dimethicone) called out as the active ingredient. I then remembered the product’s original use to help skin heal from radiation and dimethicone acts as a breathable barrier. There’s also aloe, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and, of course, a proprietary version of silibilin that is 95% pure.

Commencing my test happened to coincide with what had become a recurring and then severe flare up of rosacea, or some kind of reaction, all around my mouth and chin. Difinsa53 was an absolute godsend, giving me immediate relief from itching and tightness, and then within only a day or so taking down the redness. I had been in bad shape and the change was dramatic.

I continued using Difinsa53 and was pleased that every time I had a flare up, it was calming things down in no time. But would it prove to be more than a cream for bad skin days? Could Difinsa53 earn a place in my (crowded) anti-aging skincare routine? The answer is a resounding yes. I have plenty of little puckers and wrinkles around my mouth and Difinsa53 has been helping to smooth them out.

I would recommend Difinsa53 to anyone looking for a good antioxidant lotion. You don’t have to have rosacea to appreciate it (but those sensitive skin types, like me, will get a lot from it). Once my skin settled down, I went back to using a serum with Difinsa53 layered on top as a protective moisturizer, knowing that hard-working silibilin is helping rosacea, protecting from UV, fending off free radicals and protecting against toxins.

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Our Take

Have you ever wondered why more elephants don’t die from cancer? Probably not, but its worth thinking about because there is an intriguing answer, which I came across while testing a very unusual cream called Difinsa53 ($62.50 in the shop). Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion is built around... read more

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  • Marta

    Hi Robin, many antioxidants - this one in particular - provide some UV protection. However, only chemical and mineral sunscreen ingredients are permitted by the FDA. Therefore, neither Difinsa nor me on their behalf, can claim that this is the equivalent of a sunscreen. I only wear sunscreens when I am going to have a lot of direct sun exposure, as I find antioxidants work for me under normal daily conditions. You would need to do a patch test to see how it works for you.

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  • Robin

    Can someone please explain this statement a little more?

    "This impressive active, silibinin, is also known to naturally protect skin from the harming effects of sun exposure. "

    Bottom line, if I use Difinsa53, do I still need a sunscreen?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Amber

    (5 out of 5)

    One of the benefits of working for Truth in Aging is that if you have a skin ailment you are basically working in a pharmacy with pharmacists. My skin type is thick, oily, yet sensitive. Most of the time I have clear skin except when stress strikes. When this happens I get hives on my hands or a myriad of other random rashes to contend with. This summer, I’ve been on a journey to find the right deodorant for my very sensitive armpits and the trials were laden with allergic reactions from natural deodorants until finding the right one. This summer has also proven challenging for the skin between my toes on my feet!

    In a moment of pure frustration I complained to my colleague. She handed me a sample of Difinsa53. I was excited to hear see the ingredient Silibinin (silymarin)! I’m a huge fan of Milk Thistle as an internal flush for toxins and it’s benefits to your liver. Let me tell you, I’ve never had any remedy relieve my skin like I experienced with this lotion. Not only does this lotion remedy my irritated skin it soothes it immediately.

    The lotion is lightweight, absorbs quickly and has little to no odor or residue. It comes in a push-top bottle which means which allows the formula to stay at its purest before each use.

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  • Preksha

    (5 out of 5)

    Agree with Deborah - this is a true miracle worker. This has done everything from helping my dads peeling skin and brittle nails during chemo, healed my incredibly itchy and peeling skin post a cast-removal, and has given me an easy one-shot antioxidant-filled lightweight moisturizer to use on days where I am really limited on time to use anything else. Everyone should have this in their regimen -- regardless of your state of wellness or age.

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  • Deborah

    (5 out of 5)

    I received a sample of this lotion. I have really bad exema on my hands that itch like crazy, blister and recently cracked open. I have tried different prescriptions from the MD and expensive hand cream with good reviews from Sephora. After my palm split open, I tried oregano oil mixed with cocunut oil or emu oils with slight improvement and slept with cotton gloves at night to not only help moisturize but keep me from waking up and clawing at my fingers and hands to no avail. But I tried this cream once and wow, I could tell the difference! After just a Few days, the crack is healed and my hands no longer itch. I'm ordering the full version as we speak. It is truly a miracle!

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  • G

    (4 out of 5)

    I Received a sample of Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion the product is lightweight, absorbs quickly, no side effects to report, soothing to the skin, perform well as a primer, and daily SPF protectant.

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  • Ann

    (5 out of 5)

    I have used this for a little over a month and I am very happy with it. I was looking for a light day time moisturizer to use under sunscreen. I didn't want to break the bank, and I did want antioxidant help and protection. Voila! The consistency is thin, but not runny. I used 4-6 pumps, depending on how dry my skin feels. Some days I need a bit more; some a bit less. I can use it around my eyes with no irritation.

    The milk thistle extract - the main ingredient - is getting popular. I keep seeing its benefits touted in this or that blurb. It's blended with dimethicone, which does give it a slightly plastic texture. My skin feels sort of sealed, but not in a bad way.

    I pat it on, and it sinks in quickly. I've had no issues with pilling or conflicts with other products. If anything, this is a superb makeup primer with actual antioxidant benefits.

    This product is not the captain of your team of skin care. But it's a valuable player! It's the steady, dependable layer that helps the more pricey serums provide maximum benefits.

    If you are first impressions type of person, please get past the unsexy packaging, the clinical name and the hospital emergency room colors. It was developed by cancer doctors after all, so this must be their esthetic. What's important is that the product does what it was designed to do - gently moisturize and protect.

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  • Tiffany

    (4 out of 5)

    This product has a lovely texture and essentially no smell, but I was really surprised that it doesn't seem to adequately moisturize my skin. I am even using it in conjunction with a hyaluronic acid-based serum I was using as a moisturizer previously that also wasn't moisturizing enough on it's own, although at first I switched to using Difinsa53 exclusively. It sinks in extremely quickly, almost too quickly to spread. Mixing it with the serum in my palm before application helps with that so I feel like I'm stretching the product more effectively (the serum being significantly less expensive). It definitely cuts down on any irritation/redness I'm experiencing and I also use it around my eyes with absolutely no irritation. There's no residue left on the skin and I can apply makeup essentially instantaneously on top of it.

    I was mainly attracted to this lotion because I am concerned about sun damage but I am also concerned about the potential negatives of many sunscreen ingredients and just plain hate wearing it, so I gravitate towards products that have non-sunscreen ingredients to help avoid and address sun damage. Provided it's doing that job well (which the ingredient list seems to indicate it does) then I'd say it's worth the cost, but unfortunately (and surprisingly, given it's intended purpose) it's just not moisturizing enough for me on it's own, and I would characterize my skin as combination, not dry.

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