Photo of Imelda

What five products are must-haves in your skincare regimen? We posed this question to Truth in Aging contributor Imelda, a 50-something with combination skin, and after some serious consideration (we know, it’s hard to narrow it down) she reported back with a well-rounded list of anti-aging essentials. Learn more about the top five products that give her noticeable results and why she can’t go without them. And don’t forget to chime in with your five favorites!

1. AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the shop): The clear liquid gel consistency makes a minimal amount easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Best of all it works in firming and diminishing fine lines around the eyes.

2. Sciote Vitamin C Face Lotion ($65 in the shop): As per my review of this product, I like its pure ingredients, specially the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory extracts that increased its wound-healing properties. A newly formed (from a pimple) dark scar was lightened in 4 weeks.

3. Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Creme ($68 in the shop): This is a new fave. It has a lovely scent and texture, applies and absorbs easily, and truly moisturizes and helps in evening out skin tone. Fine lines appear softer and diminished.

4. Skin Nutrition Night Cream ($60): When my combination skin sometimes feels parched, this is my night cream. Its great formulation of berry extracts and vitamins A,C and E are packed in a convenient squeeze tube with a flip cap base and it works fabulously! I wake up next day with skin feeling restored with hydration and suppleness.

5. Sciote Micro Derm Crème ($60 in the shop): This is truly a great resurfacing cream that gives my skin a smoothness and radiance that preps my skin to effectively drink up the serums and lotions that follow. I use this once or twice a week and love how the ingredients are all working together to achieve happily glowing and hydrated skin.