Hair Vitality Complex

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 17, 2012

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by Ellen

I am 54 years old with serious physical issues due to an auto accident sustained as a child. I have an inability to absorb nutrients and have adverse effects because of it. One of the minor issues (but an issue nonetheless!) relates to my skin and hair – and menopause has accelerated some of these issues. I was blessed with hair that was full of body and shine, but this is no longer the case. Also, my parents didn’t give me genes for full eyebrows, so I have always had skimpy ones, but they have become much more so in recent years.

I have been using Hair Vitality Complex ($49 in the shop) for several months now. Since I only wash my hair two times a week now, I wanted to wait for the results that others might experience in a shorter period of time. Let me admit that I’m a Doubting Thomas, so I was a bit skeptical about the product. However, the most noticeable difference was with my eyebrows. I used Hair Vitality Complex a few times a week on my eyebrows, applying it with a Q-tip along the natural growth route. I only used it at night because I wanted to avoid a “painted brow” look during the daytime. As a result, I see increased thickness in my brows because of new hair growth, which I’m very pleased with. The hair is quite light but at least it’s there!

As for the hair on my head, after shampooing and conditioning I applied two pea-size pumps to the roots of my hair surrounding my forehead. And I have noticed some slight hair regrowth. My hair is baby fine, so I wasn’t expecting much more than this. Yet my hair does feel fuller because of it. I haven’t finished the container so will definitely continue to use this.

I am a believer in copper peptides (and have used skincare products with this ingredient), regardless of whether there is absolute scientific proof about its effectiveness. Copper peptides being the first ingredient in the product, after reverse osmosis water, convinces me of its effectiveness even more. I feel very fortunate to have been able to participate in this trial and recommend Hair Vitality Complex to anyone with hair loss or thinning hair.