Hair Vitality Complex

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 30, 2012


by Sameera

Marta and the TIA community haven’t lead me wrong yet, so I was ecstatic to hear about the launch of the Hair Vitality Complex ($49 in the shop) as I’ve yet to find a hair regimen that really works.

The TIA team was kind enough to offer me a free bottle to review. I about leaped for joy upon hearing this because over the years, after trying countless products for skin and hair, I’d learned two things:

1. Copper peptides work for me. I’ve seen a big difference in the overall texture and resilience of my skin since incorporating them into my regimen. I hadn’t yet tried them for my hair and have been searching for a product that would fit the bill. See: Hair Vitality Complex

2. I react best to products with short, active ingredient lists. See: Hair Vitality Complex.

So, before ever receiving the product, I had high expectations for its performance. And without further ado, let’s get on with the review.

First off, let me start with a bit of background on my hair concerns and those of my husband, John, who I immediately volunteered as a guinea pig for yet another hair product trial. About ten years ago, I got in a car wreck in which I was hit right above my left temple with my side view mirror. Thankfully I wasn’t injured badly, but the force of the impact left me with some bad swelling and nerve damage in the left temple area. Since the accident, I’ve been left with a bit of a thin spot that is quite apparent when I have my hair up. It’s something that has always bothered me, but that I’ve learned to live with it by growing out my bangs and wearing my hair down as often as possible. Over the last few years, in addition to the left temple area, I noticed that my hairline and right temple were starting to thin as well, causing me to panic. My mother and her side of the family suffer from pretty significant cases of hair loss, and I feared that those genes were now coming after me.

John’s family also has a history of hair loss and premature graying. While he started to gray in his early 20s, he kept his thick head of hair until about five years ago, when he started showing thinning in the typical male pattern baldness areas: the hairline and crown of the head. The recession in his hairline is definitely noticeable, but doesn’t look bad at all. His crown, however, was his biggest concern, as that was definitely showing a significant amount of scalp through his hair.

Between the two of us, we’d tried quite a few hair loss remedies, starting with natural oils like coconut and emu, and then moving on to hair loss regimens like Nexxus and Osmotics FNS. None of them offered lasting results, if any at all. John was about to go the Rogaine route (which I am vehemently against) when we received the Hair Vitality Complex.

I immediately tore open the box and pumped out a tiny dollop of the product onto my fingertips… and fell in love. With its beautiful blue-green color and lightweight gel consistency, and without a discernible scent of any kind, the Hair Vitality Complex offered a completely different application than any of the other hair loss remedies I’d tried. I literally wanted to smear this stuff all over my whole face (Marta, please see below for a personal request related to this desire).

Over the next four weeks, John and I used a tiny pea-sized amount after every shampooing. This is different for us both, as I only wash my hair three times a week while John washes daily. We both found the texture to be heavenly – it was easy to apply and absorbed immediately, without leaving any kind of oily or tacky residue. John focused the product at his hairline and crown. I applied it to both temples and to my hairline, and was careful to use any leftover product on my brows, which had pretty much stopped growing in after an unfortunate period of me thinking I looked great with pencil-thin brows.

After incessantly checking for changes over the first week and a half, we calmed down a bit and planned on checking again at the four-week mark. The results were pleasantly surprising! I noticed the biggest change in my eyebrows – they are finally growing back in, and not in sparse patches, but all over. This is a life changer, as I am obsessed with the beautiful, full brows that are now all the rage. As for my hair, I noticed a slight thickening in the right temple and hairline, and can see tiny little hairs filling in, offering a denser overall appearance to those areas. My left temple didn’t show much of a response, which I’m honestly not surprised by given the nature of my injury and how long ago it was sustained.

John showed some good results as well! We noticed the biggest difference in his crown, which definitely filled in quite a bit. Where we used to able to see a large circle of scalp is now about 30% improved! While we didn’t notice a significant filling-in of his hairline, it definitely didn’t get any worse. There are tiny little hairs that are visible, but I haven’t noticed much of a change yet in them thickening or increasing in quantity.

We are both thrilled with this product and are looking forward to finishing the bottle, which surprisingly still has quite a bit of product left in it. Thanks, Marta and the TIA team, for introducing us to a new mainstay in our hair care regimens. I’m excited to recommend this to both my mom and mother-in-law to try as well!

P.S. Marta, should you be looking for product ideas, I would love a gel masque of a similar consistency with copper peptides to add hydration, firmness and radiance to the skin! Doesn’t that sound like heaven?