sciote vitamin c eye treatment

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Cindy on March 7, 2014


Let me say that I'm always on the lookout for new eye treatments, having suffered dark circles and bags under my eyes most of my adult life.

When I first read about the Sciote Vitamin C Eye Treatment ($65), what caught my attention was "Cucumbers and Peptides" — both of which I've had limited but promising success with.

With deionized water, vitamin C, organic jojoba oil, and cucumber the first four  ingredients, along with MSM, vitamins E and a plethora of organics, including aloe vera and gotu kola, how could I go wrong?

The eye treatment comes in a convenient pump, which dispenses just the right amount, and the fragrance is fresh and cucumbery, but only lasts a few seconds. It is quickly absorbed, and almost instantly I could feel my skin soaking it in.

After using this every morning and night for a month, I can say without hesitation, that this will remain a staple in my battle against droopy, tired looking eyes.

The puffy bags are still there, but much diminished, and the once (creepy) crepey skin under my eyes is plump and youthful looking. I've had several comments on my skin lately, and although it's only my eye area that's been treated differently, my whole face looks brighter and healthier.

I'll be turning 65 in 8 weeks, and I doubt my eyes will give my age away. I'm even contemplating lash extensions now to bring more attention to my eyes, something I wouldn't have considered a month ago.

I highly recommend Sciote Vitamin C Eye Treatment and give it a hearty five stars.