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Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

Due to a manufacturer backorder, this product is currently on backorder. Check back for updates.

Trophy Skin's Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula is a gentle way to deep clean and infuse products far beneath the surface of your skin for your smoothest, most refined complexion ever. This treatment device uses ultrasonic waves at 24,000 Hz per second to combat acne, unclog pores, clear polluted or blackhead-prone skin and polish skin's texture, quickly paying for itself by minimizing your need for pricey facials or spa treatments. This device was tested for six weeks and approved by an unbiased member of our community, so you can be sure that it's effective!

You can use the Labelle on the face, neck, chest, and especially on the pores on the nose to unclutter even the most congested and blocked skin. This means that any product used after the Labelle will penetrate your complexion more readily and be more effective; plus, there's even a special infusion mode that works specifically to embed pricey serums and creams far into each pore. So stop paying $50-$75 per treatment at a spa, and invest in the Trophy Skin Labelle to treat yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Tested for At Least 30 Days & Reviewed by Christian:
I am a male in his very early 30s with both sensitive and oily skin type: a very tricky combination, a sort of oxymoron, so to speak, since the products that are commonly suggested for the oil proneness don’t help the sensitivity and the other way around. I usually get quite disappointed when it comes to scrubbers or exfoliators, which tend to feel very satisfying in the short term, but end up worsening my sensitivity in the long run. I have been using faithfully the device for more than six weeks now, and not a bit of disappointment is even threatening to emerge.

The Trophy Labelle Ultrasonic Spatula is a cleansing device and an infuser that helps products penetrate. To start my journey with the scrubber, I decided I was going to have fun with it, so I found a quiet moment during my day where I could easily fit in the procedure, which is eventually pretty fast, but will initially imply some learning curve before you find the best way to glide and slide the probe on your skin.

For practical reasons and to help my skin recover, I decided the best moment to use it was at night, during my washing routine. Since I moved to New York from Europe three years ago, I have acquired the habit to double clean my skin at the end of the day. Therefore, I use the Labelle in between cleansing, being careful to have my skin always wet when I’m using it. This is important: the scrubber works best if it’s used against the grain of skin and therefore there has to be the least friction possible; hence your skin needs to be always wet. As it will slowly dry you’ll find that you can still work with brief strokes on the more problematic areas, but you’ll have to eventually add water again if you have a large area of your skin to still cover.

As I was trying to get familiar with the additional step in my routine, I was scrubbing lightly every day for the first 10 days and moved to every other night after that. Once your pores get progressively cleaner and your most problematic areas settle, you will find you need little maintenance and enjoy the extra flush of increased circulation – which subsides very quickly – and enhanced penetration of whatever you apply afterwards.

Overall I have to say I am very pleased with the results this product is providing in the long run; texture, brightness, smoothness are definitely improved. I can control the pressure I apply to the skin and have as much exfoliation as I desire without triggering my skin’s reactivity and reaching every area and angle of my skin, neck and eye contours included.

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Our Take

by Christian I was very happy to learn I was chosen to try and review the Trophy Labelle Ultrasonic Spatula ($149 in the shop). I am a male in his very early 30s with both sensitive and oily skin type: a very tricky combination, a sort of oxymoron, so to speak, since the products that are commonly suggested... read more

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10 Reviews
  • Marta

    Hi Debi, I completely understand your frustration. In fact Trophy is reengineering the design to ensure it is reliable. Hence it has been out of stock and will remain so until the new version is available.

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  • Debi

    (1 out of 5)

    Bought this and it never worked right out of the box.... Way to much money for a dud.

    Was this review helpful to you? YES(0) | NO(0)
  • Marta

    No Christian, of course not. I just wanted to be clear that we hadn't actually paid for it.

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  • christian

    what is the rationale behind specifying that? are you saying that, since it is a free tester it is, it is ethically more justifiable for a company to give defective devices/products?

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  • Marta

    Hi Christian, I am sorry to hear that. The one that I bought is still going strong. We should mention that your device was a free tester (I like to make it clear when we are given free samples to test and/or when paid for).

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  • christian

    got the new device, which broke again after a few weeks.
    I'm definitely giving up on the thing.
    Hope you guys had better luck.
    Still, $149 for a Chinese trap it's quite frustrating

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  • Christian

    I have to admit I stopped the cleansing brush too... looking forward to the new one arriving. It's been already shipped :0)

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  • Marta

    Hi Christian, I'm sorry to hear that. I have one myself (I was rather sold after reading your review) and so far it is working well. I must say that I do like it - I've stopped using cleansing brushes altogether. The pores on my nose are much more refined. Anyway I am glad Trophy sorted you out and I hope the new one proves reliable.

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  • Christian

    I've contacted the customer service of the producer of the Labelle Trophy Ultrasonic scrubber and they are sending immediately a replacement for my device and a return label for the broken one. Incredibly efficient service. It's good to know you can rely on that should anything happen...

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  • Christian

    just wanted to give the last updates about the device I've recently reviewed for TIA and which, to my great disappointment, stopped working suddenly.
    It got frozen during a session and wouldn’t restart functioning, the other day. It eventually got back to normal but then it happened again.
    The device would freeze and restart for some seconds, but then freeze again. It eventually stopped working completely. Now it's a dead little corpse on the shelf...
    I felt it was fair to mention it, since $149 is not exactly cheap…

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Ultrasonic waves at 30,000 Hz per second Recharge Time: About 3 hours Power Consumption: Below 10VA Voltage: AC 220V - DC 5V Lift Frequency: 30kHz + 20% Max Ionicity Output Current: 0.1mA + 20% International Compatibility: All Trophy Skin devices have rated voltage between 110-240 volts and can be used worldwide with a proper local adapter.

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