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I Pekar Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask

I Pekar Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask

Size: 3.4 oz (100 ml)

I Pekar Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask is the answer for dull, dehydrated and congested skin. Using this mask will minimize blemishes and breakouts gently as it hydrates and invigorates. Sulfur draws out impurities and brightens as magnesium, calcium and ginger nourish a tired complexion.
Marta adores this radiance-boosting treatment. And with I Pekar's focus on naturally effective yet luxurious skin care, so we're sure you'll enjoy using it as well.

Ildi Pekar has created this purifying mask with a highly edited set of ingredients for optimal results without any toxic elements. With mineral-rich Hungarian thermal water, cleansing sulfur and soothing ginger milk, use this mask anytime your skin needs a soothing and balancing treatment.

Please note that this product is best stored in your refrigerator.

Tested for 30 days and approved by Marta:
For those who don’t know, Ildi Pekar, my long-time esthetician and founder of the I Pekar skincare line, hails from Hungary, where there is a long tradition of superlative skincare (probably the most advanced in Europe) harnessing new technologies, quality raw botanicals and local minerals. So it is particularly apt that that newest addition to the I Pekar line is a Hungarian mud and mineral face mask.

I Pekar Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask is an ebony, creamy-textured face mask that is instantly cooling and refreshing. It is also very healing as I can testify having tried it out for the first time when I had a rash or some kind of allergic reaction and the mask took down my symptoms within 15 minutes. During my tests I have found that around 15 minutes seems the optimal time to leave on before rinsing to reveal really clear, hydrated and bright looking skin.

The thermal water and mud minerals are really imported by I Pekar from Hungary. The country and especially its capital Budapest is renowned for its thermal springs. No visit (including my own many years ago) is complete without a dip into the warm, sulfurous waters. Hungary's thermal water is said to relieve stress and anxiety and accelerate the body's own healing processes.

Although some ginger milk has been added to the ingredients, this mask does have the muddy, slight sour smell. For me, it isn’t unpleasant and I found that brought back vivid memories.

The attributes of the key minerals are worth touching on. Sulfur contains an amino acid that is also present in keratin, the stuff that’s important to hair, skin and nails. Sulfur is also present in two B vitamins, thiamine and biotin. Interestingly, thiamine is important to skin and biotin to hair. Sulfur is important to cellular respiration, as it is needed in the oxidation-reduction reactions that help the cells utilize oxygen. The University of Maryland notes that mud baths containing sulfur, often called balneotherapy, can help treat skin disorders, especially acne and rosacea.

Kalium is also present. This is actually potassium, which is an electrolyte and responsible for communication throughout the body. You can get potassium by eating bananas and, interestingly, a deficiency can result in dehydration and dry skin. In fact, it can be one of the main causes of dry skin.

Magnesium also improves skin hydration, as well as the skin’s barrier function, while reducing skin roughness and hydration. It is the fourth most prevalent mineral found in cells, after calcium, phosphorous and potassium. Low cellular magnesium results in free radical damage and inflammation.

Calcium is also essential. The skin’s calcium content regulates cell differentiation (and cell division) and controls the thickness of the epidermis. The National Cancer Research Institute once published a study linking calcium to the regulation of cell turnover. And according to the Mayo Clinic, skin that doesn’t have enough calcium stored in it may appear “fragile, thin and dry” since dead cells accumulate and cell production isn’t regulated as well.

In short, this simple mud mask is black gold as far as the skin is concerned. Recommended for all ages and especially for those with troubled or dry skin that has lost its glow.

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Our Take

For those who don’t know, Ildi Pekar, my long-time esthetician and founder of the I Pekar skincare line, hails from Hungary, where there is a long tradition of superlative skincare (probably the most advanced in Europe) harnessing new technologies, quality raw botanicals and local minerals. So... read more

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5 Reviews
  • Ramona

    (5 out of 5)

    Talk about a magic mask!! Wow on just one application my acne subsided immediately and calmed the redness in my skin. Followed by the amazing moisturiser, I was for the first time in my life wowed by skin care results.

    The scent is not a problem at all and I have a sensitive nose for certain "smells" in fact it's subtle, pleasing. Also it comes as a lovely little set.
    A cute zipped case that includes the mask, a beautiful mother of pearl spatula and little tablet like towelettes that when put under the tap expand. The cleanser is amazing as well. Thank you!!!!

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  • D

    (5 out of 5)

    OMG This stuff is amazing. I just used it this morning, and my skin was GLOWING the whole day. I was so impressed. And my existing acne was significantly subsided. Also love the disposable towlettes. They're like magic! They look like round pills, but when you wet them, they become proper towelletes instantly! I think, given the quantity of the mask, i'll probably use all the towelletes by the time I'm done with the mask.

    Amazing stuff!!!

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  • Jane

    (5 out of 5)

    I cringed at the price of this product but was intrigued by the various accolades it earned from Marta, in particular.
    This mask is now one of my staple products. The scent is quite organic and pleasing. The cleansing cloths that come with it are helpful, as the product would not be friendly toward white wash cloths.
    My skin was left glowing and it felt smooth, cleansed and as though it had been "detoxified" if that is at all possible!
    As an added bonus, it is packaged in Miron violet glass which I always reuse, so it will become part of my collection.
    I highly recommend this mask - it's a winner!

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  • Melanie

    (5 out of 5)

    I was thrilled to see another product added to the I Pekar range and it does not disappoint. My skin looks and feels marvellous after using it. I was especially surprised to see the packing -- it came in a black I Pekar travel case with a mother-of-pearl spatula and 16 expandable and disposable towelettes for removal. Looking forward to more from the line!

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  • Candace

    (5 out of 5)

    I bought this when it was recently introduced to the shop-I have read about Ildi Pekar and wanted to try one of her products-I am 65 years old and after using this mask-my skin truly did glow-it is not just for problematic skin-it has a short ingredient list(all pronounceable)I did not find the scent/texture a problem-I am looking forward to trying the other products in this line-

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    May 24, 2016

    (5 out of 5)

    I have mature, dry and dehydrated skin which can look dull and less than perky some days. Have given up chemical exfoliants and scrubs because my face became too reactive to them as I've aged. This mask leaves my skin looking and feeling better - clear, hydrated and stimulated- in a healthy way. Also seems to help with some sensitive areas on my chin where I occasionally have a hormonal breakout. I will say that the smell of the mask is not for the faint of heart. Initially, it was a pretty shocking earthy smell (it helps to keep the mask in the refrigerator in order to minimize), but the results are quite nice and well worth it and the smell no longer bothers me.

  • Activated Thermal Water
  • Hungarian Thermal mud comprising the raw healing minerals of Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca) and Kalium (K) and Sulphur
  • Ginger Milk
Apply a generous, thick layer to cleansed skin with spoon and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse face with lukewarm water and use a towelette to remove any excess product. Insider tip: try steaming your face before applying this mask for enhanced results. Or, use as a spot treatment on active blemishes. It's recommended that you store this product in your refrigerator to avoid the sulphur scent from coming through.

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