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Lip lines, one of the most dreaded signs of aging, are caused by a loss of collagen and muscle tone. Actions like puckering and pursing lips will contribute to the formation of those vertical wrinkles, and smoking is one of the most significant causes of wrinkling and premature aging of the skin (yet ANOTHER reason to quit).

Although natural aging does play a part in the formation of lip lines, the good news is that there have been great advances in skin care treatments that address this issue. To effectively condition your skin and fill in wrinkles, we recommend a regimen that combines ultrasonic, LED light and potent serums containing growth factors, which are an unbeatable ingredient for regenerating the skin. TIA founder Marta Wohrle's preferred regimen is to use serums once a day in the morning, focusing on the mouth area, the chin crease and the labial nasal area, and LED light around the mouth area a couple of times a week. Experiment with your own combinations and discover which works best for you.

Ultrasonic / LED Light

For the ultimate in face firming, try our Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound ($279 in the shop). This at-home device combines ultrasonic and LED technology to tighten and plump skin and smooth lines. The Lux Renew offers ultrasound along with red and blue LED light therapies. Ultrasound waves produce more elastin and collagen, firming your skin and also helping to prep your skin for anti-aging serums (see our recommendations below). Red LED light encourages cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged cells, and aids in the production of collagen. Blue LED light produces singlet oxygen, which destroys acne-causing bacteria and clears up breakouts.

Watch a video demonstration of the Truth Vitality Lux Renew

Serums with Growth Factors

Your Best Face Define ($70 in the shop), designed to target the lip area, is an outstanding product that helps keep lips smooth while restoring color and volume. It has all of YBF's signature anti-agers — spin-trap, Lipochroman-6 and Syn-Tacks — as well as antioxidant niacin and white tea, hydrating and plumping sodium hyaluronate and an expression line inhibitor.

ReLuma's Skin Illuminating Serum ($145-$220) is a potent treatment for wrinkle repair using a complex formula of growth factors to signal skin cells and produce new collagen. In all, ReLuma has nine different human cytokines in the human fibroblast conditioned media. The human conditioned media is rounded out with some vitamin B.

AQ Active Serum ($149 in the shop) contains a concentrated blend of the same growth factor proteins found in healthy, young skin, plus antioxidant vitamins that stimulate collagen production (essential for firm skin). AQ claims that these proteins activate the skin's natural regeneration capabilities, and fight free radical damage that causes premature aging. The GF-technology stimulates skin cells to repair damage that has accumulated over the years, such as sun/age spots and wrinkles, with the efficiency of young, healthy skin cells.

Skin Nutrition Cell CPR ($150) packs powerful anti-aging actives, including growth factors, copper peptides, plant cells and amino acids, into its hydrating and deceptively lightweight serum. It's not only helpful for softening fine lines and wrinkles but also for minimizing pores and evening out skin tone.

Nutra-Lift Wrinkle Repair Ultra with Growth Factors ($41) reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on the face by relaxing the muscles that create the look of wrinkles. This heavy-hitting serum uses advanced ingredients that include SNAP-8, argireline, Matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract, vitamin C and retinyl palmitate.

E'shee's Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum ($189) most potent formula combines growth factors (FGF 1 peptide) and Far Infrared Powder (FIR) to rejuvenate and restore damaged or aging skin. There is also a good amount of botanicals, including witch hazel, panax ginseng, chamomile, licorice and calendula. The Elixir of Life K1 Serum encourages the body's own stem cells to repair damaged tissue and regenerate the skin.

Medik8 Growth Factor ($160) is formulated with epidermal growth factors that boost skin smoothness and treat fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps even out skin tone, boost radiance, stimulate collagen production and increase firmness with ingredients that include sh-Oligopeptide-1, antioxidant rosemary and panthenol (vitamin B).

Sciote Super Moist Hyaluronic Serum ($75) in the shop promotes hydration and contains MSM, which is purest form of sulphur, to treat dry skin. This serum contains 50% hyaluronic acid, is non-comedogenic and gives skin a firmer, brighter complexion.

Note: This article was last updated on March 3, 2015.