Expürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on July 13, 2015


It’s pretty much up there with the greats, Your Best Face Correct, AQ Eye Serum, E’shee Alpha & Omega. Yes, there’s a new kid on the block. No, it’s not going to wipe out your skincare budget for the year. Actually, it’s $65 (in the shop). Let the drumroll begin for Expürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum.

Expürtise is a brand new skincare line based on formulations of some the best actives out there at effective concentrations, with as few nasties as possible. The products have been conceived in a smart and knowing way by the founding brothers, AC and Justin Dotterweich.

Justin and I met in the early days of Truth In Aging and I think I can say he was one of the early supporters of the Truth In Aging mission to tell the truth about which skincare products really worked and why. Justin was at Hydropeptide at the time. He started Expürtise to fill a gap in the market that lies between anti-aging products that are full of synthetics and petroleum-based fillers and organic/natural products that don’t have the hard-working actives such as growth factors, peptides and retinols. The Dotterweich brothers assembled a team of advisors (estheticians, doctors, a pharmacist) to help develop Expürtise.

I have been using Expürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum for a month and am as impressed by the results as I was when I first perused the ingredients list. I am using it day and night (and can thankfully report no puffy eyes or crusty eyelashes – as can be the unhappy result with some eye serums) on lids and the entire peri-orbital area. What I can say is that my eye area skin skin feels and looks smooth and my eyelids are so lifted that I have a wide-eyed innocent look (well, not really, but I couldn’t resist the thought). Truly, though, my lids are firm with no creases.

Now, to be clear, I’ve been using some of the greats mentioned at the start of this review for some time. And so I’m not saying that I have witnessed a transformation. But what I have seen – and this is a very rare experience – is that Expürtise is easily keeping up the good work.

 I do not suffer from dark under circles, but given that the skin brighteners  - licorice and bearberry extract – are amongst the top ingredients, I imagine Expürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum could be helpful. What I really like is they share the top spot with palmitoyl tripeptide-5, a newish peptide that activates an epidermal growth factor (TGF-beta) that stimulates collagen in the skin. This is followed by peptides: Matrixyl 3000 and the newest in the Matrixyl dynasty, Synthe’ 6, which is supposed to stimulate collagen and five other components of the skin matrix.

Antioxidants include CoQ10, which helps to neutralize free radicals, and a slew of vitamins including vitamin A and, unusually, vitamin K. This ingredient is known as phytonadione and is credited with helping to fade dark circles. So too is anti-inflammatory chrysin.

Botanical extracts are certified organic and include passionflow (a source of the above mentioned chrysin), cranberry, gotu kola and mangosteen. One that is worth a shout out is Globularia Cordifolia Callus Culture. This is a high-altitude living daisy that is used by the makers of Matrixyl in an ingredient they call Resistem and has an enzyme that contributes to the longevity of cells.

Finally, there is nothing nasty – even the preservative is radish root ferment.