ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Mark on August 10, 2015

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Eye creams and serums have always been at the top of my skin care products list. Although I do have my favorite daily eye cream (Sciote Peptide Defense), I still watch for what’s new, but finding the right eye cream for me is almost like placing a ‘help wanted’ ad. Mine would read something like this:

“Immediate opening for superior eye product:  Well qualified candidates must possess basic skills of: moisturizing, hydrating, plumping and firming, all without irritation; ability to smooth lines and light lifting are a plus. Those also containing cutting edge anti-aging ingredients merit first consideration. Must be able to disappear quickly and work independently. Expect to work long hours including nights, weekends, and holidays. Non-performers need not apply.”

With these needs in mind, I was quite happy to find a new product in my mailbox, ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum ($65, in the shop). I did take a moment to wash my face and read the ingredients before tearing into the box and dabbing it on.  (Actually, the peptides were pretty close to the top of the list, so I stopped reading there.) I thought the consistency seemed more like a lightweight cream than a serum, but either way a little bit goes a long way.

Over a month’s time I found I really like this product.  It had no noticeable fragrance, absorbed quickly without residue, provided light hydration throughout the day and kept the eye area feeling firm. I don’t have issues with dark circles, but I do have oily skin and didn’t experience any problem with breakouts or clogged pores. Thanks to good products, I’ve managed to maintain a youthful look around my eyes and the ExPürtise picked right up and continued to provide and maintain positive results. In short, this one’s a keeper as it really met all my requirements and is also at an affordable price point.