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Age: 63

Location: Pacific Northwest

Skin Type: Normal

Skin Concerns: Sagging, wrinkles, sagging

Hi there, I’m Julie Kay -- a verified aging hippie! I graduated from high school in 1969, when I thought “flower power” meant something entirely different from gardening! I’m in my 60s now and keeping in step with Father Time is an organic dance I never seem to be able to learn the steps to long enough to enjoy a good glide around the floor.

BUT! I don’t intend to go softly into the night; I fully intend to look as good as humanly possible and to do so with grace. I lived in the sun and loved every moment during my 20s and 30s, even up into my early 50s. Why I am not a prune today is a mystery. I have ash brown hair and blue eyes from a mainly Celtic-based heritage. I’ve been known to bemoan my Polish background when referring to my eyes. I may sound vain - I’m not vain. What I believe, and believe strongly, is that we women (and men who care - of course I wouldn’t exclude you!) owe it to ourselves to do what we can within the boundaries of our individual realities to look our best - if looking good is a priority.

I live a few miles north of Seattle with my engineer husband and our two cats, Coco and Mina. We were both born here - in the heart of Seattle; true natives, we even like the rain! My “in youth” flower power came in handy, it seems. I’m an avid gardener now and have turned my husband into one as well since we married 23 years ago. My best friend is 17 years younger than me. In the way of Karma, we’re soul kin and age is irrelevant. Last but not least – I have three beautiful grandchildren. I’m telling you, being a grandparent didn’t come natural to me, at first - but I’ve got it now, and I love these individuals like no one’s business. How privileged am I to be their “Gah.”

I referred to looking good being a priority. My husband thinks I’m nuts. Either this is a hard-fast rule or he truly loves me for who I am and who I am becoming. I think “all of the above” is true. Men, our men and significant others (best friends, grandchildren, and others in your life who love you), don’t share our concerns in this arena. They’ll support us in our endeavors, maybe, but when they look at us, they see the person they love, not the wrinkles. My point: This can be a lonely path. We do this for ourselves. This place where you face the mirror and wonder, “What do I do next?” Truth in Aging can help with this; will help you, if you pay attention.

I found TIA and Marta in May 2008 and knew immediately this site was vastly different than other beauty blogs. I love what I’ve learned here - keep learning! I feel the network growing and am so proud and grateful to be a part of the process.

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