five best with matrixyl and matrixyl 3000

Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000 remain among the most reliably effective anti-aging ingredients available to us. Scientists have found these powerful peptides to double collagen. This endorsement, as well as the anecdotal evidence from many of those who have used it, makes it one of the key actives to look out for. But not all Matrixyl products are made equal. Beware of wild claims of concentrations of 10% or more of Matrixyl (the clinical trials are conducted at 4%). I have made some great discoveries this past year that justify a new 2014 Truth In Aging Five Best with Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000.

  • Prana Precious Fluids Eye Serum

    There aren’t too many really good eye creams that feature Matrixyl 3000, and so I was excited to discover the newly launched Prana Precious Fluids Eye Serum ($135). It is very, very good at tightening the under eye area and firming the lids. The list of anti-aging actives includes the firming peptide ChronNOlineapple stem cells, mushroom antioxidants, ceramidesand a natural skin tightener from chicory root. In fact, it is a winner for Matrixyl 3000 as well as a Five Best eye serum.

  • Medik8 Firewall

    When I first reviewed the Medik8 Firewall ($145 in the shop), I wrote: “I am just going to cut straight to the car chase. Medik8 Firewall works. It really works. It really, really works.” And it still does – with many testimonials from others in the Truth In Aging community. In addition to Matrixyl 3000, for which it was a 2013 Five Best winner, there are other important actives that pack Medik8’s punch. There are tons of skin-repairing ingredients, such as copper, N-acetyl cysteine (helps synthesize gluthiathione, a natural antioxidant), the free-radical-scavenging Lipochroman-6 and resveratrol.

  • Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Youth Serum

    Sciote Peptide + Defense Firming Youth Serum ($105 in the shop). Sciote makes natural, well-priced products that don’t pull their anti-aging punches. As the name would imply, Peptide+Defense is big on peptides, with a peptide complex from amino acids as well as Matrixyl 3000.  I like that there is a natural hyaluronic acid from the cassia angustifolia (senna) plant. Other useful botanicals include horsetail (good for capillaries) and anti-inflammatory gotu kola.

  • BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream

    Matrixyl 3000 is listed as the third ingredient in the very unique BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream ($245 in the shop). Sublime makes my skin feel tighter, firmer and more hydrated in appearance. There’s a very interesting stem cell derived from daisy that is made by the same company that makes Matrixyl. It supposedly protects the skin’s own stem cells and stimulates sirtuin-1 (an enzyme that contributes to the longevity of cells). Periwinkle is one of many botanicals, and it can reduce inflammation and act as an astringent. (Note that this gel/cream has retinol.)

  • Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime

    Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime ($135) is a new favorite of mine. It has been designed for women over 40 dealing with hormonal aging. As well as Matrixyl 3000, there is a newish peptide acetyl tetrapeptide-2, which compensates for hormone loss and helps the skin stay firm. This heavy hitting serum also has a potent form of copper peptides, an epidermal growth factor and artichoke leaf for increasing the skin’s thickness.