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Truth In Aging Community Wish List

Truth In Aging Community Wish List
November 11, 2014 Reviewed by Christina 9 Comments

With the holidays just around the corner, we decided to ask our community members which anti-aging products are at the very top of their wish lists. With so many lust-worthy products in the shop, there's no doubt it was hard for them to narrow it down to just one! Here are the top picks that our contributors would gladly make room for in their bathroom cabinet.

Facial Serums

MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119 in the shop)
"More MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum. I tried this amazing product last spring and was blown away by how amazing my skin looked and felt. The effects stayed long after the bottle was empty, but are starting to fade. Time for another bottle!" —Cindy, 60s

"It's hard to choose just one wish list product this year, but I think mine is MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum. I like that it's different from everything I've tried before and sounds very cutting edge. As a close second, I would love to try Medik8 Firewall since I've seen great results with copper peptides in the past!" —Denise, 40s

Medik8 Firewall ($145 in the shop)
"I want to try Medik8 Firewall to test it's wrinkle-reducing capabilities. My forehead lines are turning in to wrinkles, and I don't want to suffer the Palo Via for my crow's feet. I hope this product can smooth out these signs of aging for a little while, anyway." —Ann, 40s

"I really would love to try MediK8 Firewall ... I love their other products and I know that those that have used and reviewed Firewall just love it and the fact that it is so de-aging and really firms the skin." —Tina, 50s

E'shee Clinical Esthetics KI Therapy Serum ($189 in the shop)
"I've definitely had my eye on E'shee Clinical Esthetic Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum. I am intrigued by the far infrared powder but also like that its got peptides and anti redness ingredients- as that is always a concern for me." —Jennifer, 40s

BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir Multi-Peptide ($95)
"BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir Multi-Peptide. It is Marta's "go to," and I've never tried it. I've been with Marta since the beginning of TIA. I am a faithful user of YBF- both Correct and Control, believing both to be the BEST. I'm vastly curious about Brad after all I've read." —Julie, 60s

BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream ($245)
"BRAD Biophontonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel Cream and because Marta says it tightens and firms. I have been losing weight and the sagging is getting to me. Fillers and surgery keep popping into my head." —Gloria, 50s

"BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream: I must have this (but can't really afford it right now) because of its high end ingredients that firms, boosts collagen production, and brightens skin. Next on my wish list is Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Youth Serum ($98 in the shop), for the same reasons." —Imelda, 50s

Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime ($135)
"Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime because it's so hydrating and cooking and effective. The thought of running out of this product is making me depressed! How can I ever go back to a lotion??" —Beth, 50s

Sciote Omni Phyto-Cell Serum ($130 in the shop)
"I also want to try Sciote Omni Phyto-Cell Serum after reading the glowing review for it. Seems like it's packed with lots of good stuff and you get immediate results along with long term benefits." —Jennifer, 40s

M.A.D Skincare Youth Transformation Exfoliating Serum 10% AHA ($62)
"Probably the M.A.D Skincare Youth Transformation Exfoliating Serum 10% AHA. I'm starting to show some fine lines, and I have some hyper-pigmentation on my left cheek (sun damage from driving!) This has always sounded like it might take care of both in one go." —Christine, 40s

Eye Creams and Serums

AQ Skin Solutions Eye Serum & AQ Skin Solutions Lash ($99 and $135, respectively, in the shop)
"AQ skin solutions eye serum and lash duo tops my list because my biggest problem has always been my eyes. I have lines/wrinkles that I want to (hopefully) smooth out and at the same time, I have sparse lashes that breaks at the slightest provocation, probably because of using too many waterproof mascaras. I'm just really keen on trying this brand because of its consistent good reviews as well!" —Hazel, 30s

E'shee Clinical Esthetic Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($284 in the shop)
"In splendid isolation at the top of my wish list is E'shee Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream - no doubt about it! I just haven't the nerve to actually spend almost $400 (international shipping + tax & VAT)... Oh well, I can always hope Santa reads my TIA wish list :)" —Gunilla, 50s

"E'shee Clinical Esthetic Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream. I think under eye crepiness tends to age me more than anything. I am maintaining with AQ but this E'shee product seems to be Marta's best eye product find. Unfortunately it is far out of my price range. If I win the lottery I will definitely but it!" —Terri, 40s

Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop)
"Your Best Face - Correct Eye Cream.. I've always been intrigued by this product & now, with it being "upgraded", I MUST have it! With the recent onset of the dreaded eye lid droop, rumor has it that this cream could possibly offset eye lift surgery!" —Jennifer, 50s

Skinfinite LOL Eye Serum ($49 in the shop)
"I had just purchased eye cream when I found out about the glory that is Skinfinite LOL Eye Serum. If my current tiny bottle ever runs out, I am so ready to purchase. Those kinds of results on dark circles and puffiness for under $50 - sign me up!!" —Tiffany, 20s

Anti-Aging Facial Device

Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound ($279 in the shop)
"I have been lusting over the Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and ultrasound ever since Marta announced it! The product sounds amazing, has great reviews, and I would love to see if this reduces my deep milia as well as my increasing wrinkles." —Jane, 50s

"I'm fascinated by the promises of the Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound. Technology can be scary, and exciting — and, when it works to our benefit, it can be amazing! I'm ready to graduate from my extremely low tech dry brushing to a more 21st-century skin care regime; I'd love to use LED and ultrasound to have smoother and firmer skin." —Linda, 50s

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  • November 12, 2014

    by Ann

    My wish is for a powerful antiaging complex with noticeable and long-lasting top of my wish list is -Your Best Face Correct Eye Cream. My eyes are my age giveaway and with the cold weather coming I need something to hydrate my delicate eye area, smooth the fine lines and keep me looking refreshed and youthful.

  • November 12, 2014

    by Aubrey

    I would love to try MediK8 Firewall because it seems like the best thing for sagging skin besides an LED or Ultrasound device (which I already have). I know it's tough to firm up a loose jawline with a cream, but if anything can help it sounds like this would be the one!

  • November 12, 2014

    by Jan Reaume

    I would love to try the Retrospect Hand and Nail Reconstruction product. My hands get so dry and cracked in the winter, my nails are weak and brittle, and my cuticles are ragged. I am so tired of having old lady hands and I would love to try the product. The reviews of it are great.

  • November 12, 2014

    by Colleen

    Oh Lord - where to start with a "wish list" from TIA?? There are several products that I look at and read all the reviews from, but I must admit I keep going back to the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Elixir of Life KI Therapy Serum. I have not tried any products with growth factors(FGF 1 peptide) and Marta speaks highly of the Far Infrared Powder and the benefits from it. My forehead and lines above my lips have improved with the use of my Truth Vitality Ultra Renew PLUS Ultrasonic LED but I can't help thinking I need a step up in my serums and ingredients!

  • November 11, 2014

    by SummerStorms

    How I'd love, love, love to try E'shee's Alpha and Omega Eye Cream.... It's expensive of course, but am considering it anyway for my shockingly bad 40-something under eye area. I am in Australia, hope this won't rule me out! Good luck to all of you who post here :)

  • November 11, 2014

    by Terri

    I am always on the radar for the holy grail product in eye treatments. Marta has dubbed E’shee Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream as the best ever so naturally I wish to see if it can take my eye area to the next level. At 49 I have managed to reverse some signs of aging around the eye and maintain results with AQ, Skinfinite, and occasional use of YBF. E'shee is really out of my price range.

  • November 11, 2014

    by Sandy

    The #1 thing on my Wish List is the Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound. I'm so ready to try a facial device.

  • November 11, 2014

    by Katya

    Definitely, the E'shee Clinical Esthetic Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream would be on top of my wish list. I am intrigued by the formulation.

  • November 11, 2014

    by Rachelle

    I would love to try the Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound. It sounds awesome! I read about all the Hollywood stars that have all these expensive treatments done and wish I could do something to make my 60 year old skin look young again. It would be fantastic to use this and see the difference it would make in making my skin firmer and decreasing my lines. Thank you Marta for all you do to help us age gracefully!

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