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Good, Better, Best of Skin Care Products 2015

Good, Better, Best of Skin Care Products 2015
February 10, 2015 Reviewed by Christina 5 Comments

It's time again for TIA's roundup of the "Good, Better, Best of anti-aging skin care! These exceptional products have been arranged by potency, with the good giving the biggest bang for your bang, and the best offering the maximum benefits from top-level formulas. Whether you're looking for new items to switch up your skin care routine, for tougher products to tackle stubborn skin problems or for different price levels to best suit your budget, you're sure to find your perfect product!

Sagging Skin

Good: Moana Night Repair Serum rejuvenates skin while you sleep. With its active ingredient of red seaweed, which helps to increase the production of collagen, it improves skin tone and texture, reduces inflammation and gently removes toxins. TIA member Cristina says it "absorbs immediately and brightens and tightens instantly."

Better: MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119 in the shop) uses a unique, turbo-charged form of ubiquinone to support healthy cell function, effectively minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, firming the skin and fading age spots. TIA member Hannah says "After a few weeks now I can see a dramatic improvement in my skin, not just a little noticeable, very. Tone, texture, creepiness have improved substantially."

Best: Truth Vitality Lux Renew ($279 in the shop), our first ever device, offers ultrasound, red LED and blue LED therapy to safely and painlessly minimize wrinkles, firm and lift skin and clear adult acne — right in the comfort of your own home. TIA member Stacey says "My 40-something skin does look refreshed and healthy, which is impressive considering we're in the harsh winter months."

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Good: Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Youth Serum ($105 in the shop) has a potent formula with a proprietary blend of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and Matrixyl 3000. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and smoothing skin's surface, as well as stimulating collagen production to repair damaged tissue and lift sagging skin. TIA member Cindy says "I have noticed a slight decrease in the lines between my eyebrows, and my laugh lines also seem to be less prominent. Overall, my skin looks plumper and more hydrated."

Better: Innarah Line Smoothing Treatment Serum Oxygenated Moisture Serum ($175) uses a concentrated formula of plant stem cells, cell growth factors and peptides to smooth facial lines and wrinkles while restoring firmness to the skin and preventing free radical damage. TIA member Cheryl says "My skin is brighter and more vibrant. The lines are smoothed away."

Best: Benir Beauty BV-9 Platinum Provectus Super Serum ($195 in the shop) features an impressive combination of seven different peptides, antioxidants and bee venom, as well as Matrixyl 3000 and Syn-Ake, which work together to relax fine lines and wrinkles. TIA member Karen says "I had no sagging skin and no wrinkles. This product exceeded my wildest expectations of what it could do."

Dry Skin

Good: Kat Burki Beauty Elixir ($42) combines the power of aloe vera hydrosols, lavender, raw grapefruit seeds, camu camu berries and vitamin C to soothe, moisturize and refresh the skin with a simple spray. TIA member Adelaide says "in the morning, I spritz this spray on my face and neck. It wakes up my skin, and I look so much better, even before having done anything else to my face."

Better: Voya Me Time Moisturiser ($102) contains organic, collagen-promoting ingredients as well as seaweed extracts. Rich in antioxidants, this anti-aging facial moisturizer soothes the skin with aloe vera and chamomile extract. TIA member Kimberly says "I did see a definite improvement in the sagging neck I am developing. I also felt that my skin looked brighter, plumper and firmer upon awakening."

Best: Innarah Venodefense Treatment Creme ($300) is a rich anti-aging formula filled with anti-inflammatories, such as magnolia tree bark and snow algae extract. Apolactoferrin stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid for instant hydration. TIA member Anne says "this creme has become an awesome Holy Grail moisturizer for me. (non-greasy, no shine, sinks in, not drying, skin plumper, maintains my facial + neck skin integrity and tone, skin *feels* and *looks* strong)."

Crow's Feet

Good: Sciote Peptide+Defense Eye Creme ($70 in the shop) soothes and hydrates the skin using aloe instead of water. Antioxidants, humectants, peptides and fruit acids revitalize skin and diminish the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles. TIA member Robin says "Overnight it was very effective with redness, puffiness and dark circles."

Better: Your Best Face Correct (New Formula) ($150 in the shop) is a longtime favorite at TIA, and now boasts an even more powerful new formula with heavy-hitters like spin trap, Lipochroman-6, Renovage, Matrixyl 3000, Uplevity and Eyeseryl. It helps lift and firm skin, smooth crepeyness, reduce puffiness and fade dark under-eye circles. TIA member Ann says "It was the tightening and lifting of the skin around my eyes, combined with a reduction in fine lines and puffiness that had me relieved."

Best: E'shee Alpha and Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($284 in the shop) uses the brand's signature growth factor to improve firmness and texture, reduce deep wrinkles, minimize dark circles and relieve redness caused by rosacea and broken capillaries. TIA member Lori says "I can honestly say I look 10 years younger confirmed by husband and friends!"

Large Pores

Good: Medik8 Clay Mask ($50) minimizes the appearance of pores while purifying the skin by drawing out impurities and removing excess oil. This mask uses natural kaolin clay and plant extracts to prevent clogged pores, promote healing and support skin rejuvenation. TIA member DJ says it "rehydrates when you rinse it off (rather than cracking and flaking) and leaves the skin feeling smooth. I noticed an immediate shrinking of the pores after using the mask."

Better: Your Best Face Prep Microdermabrasion ($80 in the shop) is a creamy microdermabrasion treatment that is packed full of collagen-boosting Matrixyl 3000. TEGO Pep 4-Even works to balance uneven pigmentation while vitamin C and antioxidants heal and protect the skin. TIA member Karen says "Great microdermabrasion! I feel it's close to being like the one I get once a month at my aesthetician."

Best: Riiviva Microderm Device ($299) is an at-home microdermabrasion kit equipped with medical-grade, diamond-tip technology. Easy to use, it can deliver salon-quality results at home. TIA member Emily says "I got my Riiviva about a month ago and I have just loved it! Right after my skin feels like a babies bottom."

Problem Skin/Breakouts

Good: Skinfinite Purify Facial Cleanse ($30 in the shop) contains L-lactic acid (AHA), and Salicylic acid (BHA) to exfoliate and hydrate pores while eliminating skin impurities. Yogurt extract and botanicals also provide potent antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation benefits. TIA member Tracy W says "I have acne prone skin and this really helps a lot keep that under control. It foams up well and I feel like my skin is clean without being dried out by the product."

Better: Your Best Face Balance ($45 in the shop) uses niacin and nylon-12 to help absorb excess oil but without causing dryness. This day cream is specially designed to control breakouts, calm irritation and regulate shine, encouraging healthy-looking skin. TIA member Lisa says "I like the matte finish it provides my skin as well as the effect it has on reducing my large pores and typical breakout areas."

Best: Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Creme ($68) a multitasking moisturizer, skin brightener and pore-closer, containing natural fruit acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory botanicals and helping to even out skin tone, minimize wrinkles, fade age spots and reduce blemishes. TIA member Sarah says "It really does hydrate my combination skin while evening out tone, minimizing pores, smoothing out texture and calming breakouts."

Face Masks

Good: Sciote Antioxidant Scrub & Masque ($65 in the shop) is a 2-in-1 treatment for hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It uses glycolic and lactic acids to exfoliate, coenzyme Q10 to neutralize free radicals, a peptide complex to enhance texture and kaolin clay to draw out impurities. TIA member Stacey says "My complexion is more radiant, more moisturized and those fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and lips are diminishing."

Better: Royal Nectar Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68) contains the key active of anti-inflammatory bee venom, which gently firms skin and helps reduce lines. Manuka honey, a blend of oils, cocoa butter and marshmallow extract help give skin a healthy glow. TIA member Sheena says " It's lifting, plumping, line erasing, hydrating and even calming, all in one jar!"

Best: Moana Instant Lifting Mask ($106) is formulated with nutrient-rich red seaweed and manuka honey to immediately lift and tighten skin, enhance tone and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. TIA member Ann says "It firms and plumps the skin, diminishing wrinkles, and it also lessens discolorations, helping achieve a glowing, smooth, even complexion."

Body Treatments

Good: Kat Burki Body Butter ($62) is an intensely hydrating body moisturizer that uses a proprietary organic herb blend, along with moisturizing natural oils, to leave skin hydrated, toned and freshly scented. TIA member Leslie says "My skin has never looked or felt less crepe-like and dry since using this product."

Better: Osmotics Cellulite Control Body Glow CC Cream ($75) uses natural actives to tackle cellulite, dimpled skin and edema at the source, for a more toned and even complexion. Marta says she likes "the way my legs look overall — smoother, tauter and with a very attractive glow."

Best: Stemulation Relance ($98 in the shop) has an antioxidant-rich, stem-cell based formula that gently exfoliates, firms and tones the skin while promoting collagen production, resulting in a glowing, even-toned complexion. Marta says "It is a genuinely anti-aging body lotion and I no longer wake up with chest creases."

  • May 8, 2015

    by Luxes

    I'm all about Lumavera and their night cream. Nothing else compares for anti-wrinkle luxury product. I'll take plant stem cells over the alternative any day of the week. period.

  • March 20, 2015

    by Elsa

    This review is just LOL, the best products are the most expensive? Really?

  • February 23, 2015

    by Darrell

    Hi Pat -- it's not always the case, but with good indie brands you very much get what you pay for. The most effective indie brand formulas often contain the most costly ingredients which result in a higher price tags.

    Big brand products tend to not deliver better results as the price goes up (indeed you are often paying for marketing and hype) but indie brands -- if you are looking for incremental quality and have the budget, can be quite extraordinary.


  • February 22, 2015

    by Pat

    Is it just a coincidence that the good, better, best also gets pricier, priciest?

  • February 11, 2015

    by Kimberly

    At my age, I am always finding some new skin disaster that needs fighting with the latest potions and lotions. I think at my age (50+), it's just going to be that way. I have used the Voya Me Time moisturizer though and loved it. Actually, it was the first skincare product I used with seaweed as an active ingredient. Now I am pretty sure that the effects are temporary especially at my age, but the Voya Me Time began my love affair with seaweed as an active ingredient. It sure seems to work for me, in that my face always looks more plump as well as a bit firmer with seaweed products. Even though I think skincare is physiologically a very personal thing, I hope this helps someone else.

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