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Age: Mid-40s

Location: Seattle

Skin Type: Combination

Skin Concerns: hyperpigmentation, eye crinkles

I have had a love affair with drugstores and the endless supply of new beauty products contained within since I was a pre-teen. I’ll never forget my mother’s dismayed look at the bill after most visits – she won’t either! At least it kept me out of her makeup supplies.

Since then, my interest in the textures, the experiences and now the results of skin care products has only increased. An experience with acne in my late teens and again in my late 20s introduced me to facials and peels. A hippie Vermont upbringing added a dose of curiosity about natural ingredients. Aging (and a lack of knowledge about reapplying sunscreen when I was lifeguarding) did the rest! Now, I am 45 and devoted to TIA. I am not sure how I initially discovered it, but I now completely rely on Marta and her merry band of contributors to keep me in the know – and getting carded! I appreciate having a trusted source of information about products that truly work and being able to ignore the hype of the rest. I love trying new things as a reviewer and delving into what others say – Marta has been very gracious about responding to my requests to learn more! My drugstore trips are much shorter now.

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