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Age: 60-something

Location: New York City

Skin Type: Combination

Skin Concerns: Sun damage

I’ve lived in New York City since 1982. But growing up in California has left an indelible impression on me, literally as well as spiritually. I love the sun. But the sun, alas, has come back to haunt me. So as I approach 61 years, I’m more than careful about protecting my skin. I’m also a cancer survivor, 21 years out now (yay) and suffer some of the long-term effects of having gone through treatment. So you might say that I have some special issues, but sadly, I know I’m not alone. So I’m thrilled to be able to test for TIA so that we can all share in our quest for products that are not only effective, but clean and free of harmful chemicals.

Articles By Leslie

  • November 4, 2016

    TRU Rating

    Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque

    I am a big fan of Exuviance products, so I was delighted to try the new Overnight Recovery Masque ($65) — and I was not disappointed. I grew up in Southern California, and now, in my early 60’s, I’m paying for all that sun exposure. In spite of that, my skin is in pretty good shape, thanks to my father’s genetically oily skin (which caused me great distress as a teenager, but is now a blessing) and the daily application of good sunscreen. Having said that, using a nourishing mask on a regular basis is a necessary part of my routine, as it not only keeps ...Read More...

  • August 26, 2015

    TRU Rating

    Your Best Face Uplift Toner Mist

    There are three things I loved right up front about Your Best Face Uplift Toner Mist ($22 in the shop) before even using it:

    1. It smells like marzipan.
    2. It’s a spray mist (you don’t need cotton pads to apply).
    3. It’s maximum travel size, which means you can take it with you in your carry on luggage when traveling.

    Your Best Face Uplift Toner Mist comes in a compact 2 oz /60 ml aluminum spray bottle with a cap. It’s also reasonably priced at $22.0 ...Read More...

  • June 26, 2015

    TRU Rating

    Jenetiqa Première Nuit - Complete Anti-Aging Night Repair

    I am a 61-year-old woman with fair skin. I’ve been using the same glycolic acid-based night repair cream for many years and have been generally very happy with it. But lately I’ve noticed that the lines on my upper lip were reappearing and that I had an excessive amount of peeling, which I took as an indication that the glycolic acid was doing its job perhaps a little too harshly for my increasingly delicate skin. So I was only too happy to give Jenetiqa Première Nuit—Complete Anti-Aging Night Repair ($76) a try.

    Première Nuit co ...

  • March 11, 2015

    TRU Rating

    Theradome LH80 PRO

    The Theradome LH80 PRO ($850) is a low-level laser therapy given directly to the scalp and hair follicles, administered through a helmet device. The lasers stimulate cell activity and promote blood flow, thereby promoting hair growth.

    The low-level light therapy penetrates only into the depth of the hair follicles, and Theradome’s studies have confirmed that there are no known side effects to undergoing this treatment.

    I volunteered to give it a try, as I recently experienced a sudden and rather dramatic loss of hair at the temple which has not grown b ...Read More...

  • March 26, 2014

    TRU Rating

    Kat Burki Body Butter

    The philosophy behind Kat Burki’s fragrance and skin care products is best expressed in these few lines from her website:

    “Beauty is beauty, it’s a feeling we get and radiate when we see a beautiful room, or smell an intoxicating fragrance, or experience from a day of luxurious pampering at the Spa... Skincare should not only enhance and protect your beauty, but allow you to feel beautiful just as a special fragrance can.”

    In short, elegance and pleasure for all the senses. At $62.00 for a 6 oz jar however, Kat Burki Raw Bea ...Read More...

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