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Age: 49

Location: Seattle area

Skin Type: Combination, Sensitive

Skin Concerns: Acne and aging

I am 49 years old with light hair and skin. I live in the cloudy Pacific Northwest, but I grew up in sunny Southern California, so I am battling aging skin that was subjected to consistent sun damage during many years on the beach without sunscreen. I am a married mother of two boys and a full-time attorney. I try my best to keep fit and eat healthy foods, but I do not always succeed! Having clear, hydrated skin helps simplify my morning routine, so I am interested in the latest skincare and cosmetics that help the texture and look of my skin without irritation and breakouts. My skin has red undertones and tends toward dryness and T-zone oiliness – a very tough combination to accommodate. I have used Tazorac to combat acne (which has not gone away since I was a teenager), and I admit I am having a tough time giving it up; I have cut back to three times a week usage at night.

I heard about Truth in Aging from a friend about five years ago. I have been a faithful TIA member ever since, and I rely on Marta to keep me updated on the latest breakthroughs. The time and money I have invested in my skin has paid off. I remember what the wrinkles looked like on my face when I first started paying attention, and even though time has marched on, at least some of the products I have used have turned back the clock; some pesky wrinkles, especially between my brows and my crow’s feet, have improved significantly. I typically use a serum and moisturizer every day and night, with masks a few times a week and my Sirius Aurora light therapy at least on weekends. I have not exactly found my dream serum, but I have found the best moisturizer ever (Acure night cream) and I am really happy with the cosmetic lines at TIA. I am as careful about my hair products, too. I have long, highlighted, keratin and flat-iron-induced straight hair that needs sulfate-free shampoos, conditioning, and leave-in heat protection. (Marta helps me with this, too!) I am careful about the ingredients in the products I use for my hair and face, and I always check the labels. Many of the products sold in drugstores and advertised in magazines look great, but the ingredients are scary! I am willing to pay a little more to have products that contain safe, natural ingredients that are good for my skin and hair. I think it has paid off.

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