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Age: 50s

Location: Houston

Skin Type: Normal

Skin Concerns: Sagging, texture, nasolabial lines

I am a native Houstonian. My handsome guy and I have been a couple for 17 years. I have two children and five beautiful grandchildren nearby. I work in the oil and gas industry as Land and Royalties Manager for northern Louisiana. Health care inside and out — in all forms — is my passion. I also enjoy gardening, reading and traveling.


Articles By Kelly

  • January 29, 2016

    TRU Rating

    Sciote Advanced Retinol Serum

    Recently I was given the opportunity to test Sciote Advanced Retinol Serum ($68). Sciote, which is Latin for “know thyself“, is a product of Aldo Celeste and produced in Denver. I really like this company and their mindfulness to combining pure natural ingredients with cutting edge technology to produce effective, well balanced products. Last year at this time I tested Sciote Advanced Retinol Crème and really was impressed. Where the creme was a combination of retinol and antioxidant ...Read More...

  • April 15, 2015

    TRU Rating

    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Lifting Neck Cream

     Juice Beauty is a certified organic beauty line introduced by Karen Behnke in 2005 under the premise that using an organic fruit and vegetable juice base in skin care products would be so much more beneficial than a water base. Working from a wellness angle, she teamed with chemists and skin care professionals and patented a unique juice formulation method for all her products. Understanding that your skin absorbs 60% of what is placed on it drove her to develop this healthier skin care alternative.

    My introduction to the organic skin care industry was a Juice Beauty eye cream ...Read More...

  • December 3, 2014

    TRU Rating

    Sciote Advanced Retinol Crème

    If I were a car I would probably be a base model Lexus — you know, good engine and good lines but no frills. This is the way I approach skin care. I have been blessed with good skin that is partly genetic and partly my obsession with healthy living. Beyond cleaning and moisturizing, though, I feel a total ineptitude in understanding the what, when and how of the myriad beauty products on the market. So when I got the opportunity to try Sciote Advanced Retinol Crème ($64 in the shop), I was ...Read More...

  • June 27, 2014

    TRU Rating

    Sciote Omni Phyto-Cell Face Crème

    I was holding out for good eye cream to test against my stubborn eye bags when the opportunity to try Sciote Omni Phyto-Cell Crème ($115 in the shop) presented itself. I couldn’t resist after I read the intro on the website. Interestingly, OMNI means “all.” Sciote developed this revolutionary crème to do it all by putting everything but the kitchen sink into the formula. It contains an astounding 75 ingredients and reads like the who& ...Read More...

  • March 21, 2014

    TRU Rating

    Indie Lee Squalane Facial Cream

    Houston was about to be hit with winter weather and I was in need of a good hydrating facial cream. Don’t laugh, it gets positively frigid here! We actually had to run the heater for a full week! Normally I don’t use a facial cream because for nine months of the year the Houston humidity keeps my skin hydrated. But at 54, with collagen loss in full force, I knew that a good facial cream would help plump up the dermal layers to appear more firm. So when TIA asked if I would test Indie Lee Squalane Facial Cream ($70), I was game. 

    I had to admit, I kn ...

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